The creation and design of a website

Web design is the design of the web interface: interactive architecture, page organisation, tree structure and navigation within the website. The concept of web design takes into account the specific limitations of the Internet medium, particularly in terms of ergonomics, usability and accessibility.

Web design therefore requires a variety of skills: programming, ergonomics and interactivity, as well as a wealth of knowledge about the technical constraints of the field: the diversity

accessibility of Web terminals and their displays, the specificity of different languages and processes, portability, in accordance with W3C recommendations. The design of the web page of the website is first presented as a functional model with technical specifications: ergonomics, floor plan, visual recognition, marketing, interactivity.

The website can be composed of simple static pages in HTML format, which can be formatted or enriched with CSS, including images and links to other content, or can be composed of dynamic content, and functions can be added to make it dynamic with Java,

PHP or other server language programming services, assuming interaction with forms processed by JavaScript or Ajax. It can be based on database technology, such as MySQL or MongoDB.