Quality of web content: demonstrating credibility

Objective: to distinguish from competitors through unique content with high added value. In the age of increasing information, readers are increasingly demanding content consumption. Therefore, it is essential to provide high quality content to get the most attention. If your content is of poor quality, it will annoy users who will quickly leave your site. Among other things, this can affect your bounce rate. To make matters worse, users may not revisit your website.

So you need high quality, high value content. Especially since you are not the only one dealing with certain topics. Not all of them! By producing high quality content, you will not only meet the needs of the users, but also the SEO algorithm. Let’s take the Google algorithm as an example. It takes into account certain criteria to judge the quality of content. Among these standards, it specifically takes into account user behaviour (time spent on your website, pages per session, bounce rate), which clearly shows the quality and relevance of content.

Note: To understand the content statistics, you can use Google Analytics: “Behaviour”> “Website content”> “All pages” You will be able to see the total number of views of the article, unique views, average time spent on the page, bounce rate, etc. If necessary, you can also choose to analyse or compare the two periods.